The Romanian Roma have celebrated their international day

By • on April 13, 2011

More than 3,000 Roma have gathered on April 8th in the Meadow Flowers Park in Bucharest to celebrate the International Roma Day. The celebration began at 12 am with an exhibition of Roma photography and painting, a flower exhibition and a fair organized by Roma craftsmen. The guests of the event were able to obtain information on school enrollment, affirmative measures and on how toget free legal assistance from a number of Roma NGO representatives. The initiators of the event also organized a CD sale intended as a fundraising for the Roma artist Tamango, which is currently very ill.

The fundraising was followed at 2 pm by folk, classical and pop music recitals performed by young Roma pupils from elementary schools in Bucharest. Dressed in traditional Roma costumes, the pupils delighted the audience with a program prepared by their teachers. They mostly sang Roma songs, but also traditional Jewish, Hungarian, Russian and songs belonging to the cultures of other minorities who live in Romania.

After 7 pm, the guests could attend concerts given by Mihai Margineanu, Hara and his guests, Taraful Marius Mihalache and Jean from Craiova. The evening ended with a fireworks display.

The event was organized by the Roma Civic Alliance from Romania, Romani CRISS, The Florists’ Association and The Ruhama Foundation, in partnership with the City Hall of Second District and The Hara Artistic and Cultural Association, with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest.

The special guest of the event was the U.S.A. Ambassador in Bucharest, Mr. Mark Gitenstein. He wished the Roma a Happy Birthday on their International Day and encouraged them to proudly assume their ethnicity at the next census.