The Bucharest Prom of the Roma Students, 2011 edition

By • on December 20, 2011

Two weeks ago, over 200 Roma students attended the Bucharest Prom of the Roma Students, 2011 edition. The event took place in the biggest Student campus in Bucharest, in the “Blue Night Club”. The motto of this Roma Prom was “Discover the student behind the mask” (a Arakh studento maskha palal – in Romani). “The theme of this year’s Roma Prom from was taken from the need to combat stereotypes about Roma. We wanted to present young Roma in a different way than they usually are. According to a study commissioned by the Pro Democracy Association, the public perception of the Roma minority is generally negative (they are seen as lazy, dirty, as thieves), and the social distance between Roma and non-Roma has increased in 2011 compared to 2010. By organizing this prom, we wanted to change the negative perception of Roma held by the majority”, declared Mr. Cristi Buceanu, one of the organizers, for for

One of the events organized for the 2011 Roma Prom was a contest for the titles of Miss and Mister Roma Student. Six pairs of young Roma had answered general knowledge questions and passed numerous tests devised ​​by the organizers. The general knowledge questions were related to Roma history and tradition, and so were the other tests. After an hour and a half of competition, one of the pairs won the title of Miss and Mister Roma Students.

The event was organized by the Centre for Education and Social Development, in partnership with the Roma Party Pro-Europe, the Community Development Agency “Together” and the Association for Development and Social Inclusion.

The special guests of the Bucharest Prom of the Roma Students were the Roma singers Connect-R and Stefania Calofir.