Thank you, President Sarkozy!

By • on November 10, 2010

Thank you for humiliating us and violating our freedom of movement. Thank you for sending us back home. My aunt used this as an opportunity to visit her family in Bulgaria and then returned to France, where she is currently looking for a job.

Thank you, President Sarkozy,for putting the Roma debate back on the European agenda. Now the Commission and the European Parliament have finally become aware of the existence of such issues and are much more willing to look for solutions.

Thank you President Sarkozy,for forcing the Bulgarian and Romanian governments to rethink their policies on Roma and be upfront about their lack of effort so far.

Thank you President Sarkozy, because you helped us understand what anti-Gypsyism is. Now I am convinced that it is not just a word, it is an attitude that I cannot accept.

Thank you President Sarkozy,for making people realize that inclusion should happen at a local level. But in order to achieve that, there is a need of appropriate mechanisms and structures.

Anti-Gypsyism pervades all levels of society, including grassroots. The result is that the local authorities are not entirely aware of it and, as such, they don’t put enough effort into integrating Roma into the local society.

Anti-Gypsyism is not just a word, it’s an attitude. I do not accept it.

Otherwise I would just migrate to France, the country of Equality, Liberty and Fraternity.