Romanian Roma NGOs have created a new political party

By • on October 17, 2011

The leaders of the 26 Roma organizations that are members of the Civic Alliance of Romanian Roma have decided to create a political party that would run for elections next year. The new political organization, called the Civic Democratic Alliance of Roma (CDAR), had its first party congress on Saturday 1 October in Bucharest. More than 2,000 Roma came from all over the country to listen to how the new party leaders  saw  the road to take for this new challenge. “We are the most serious political project of the Roma so far. We gathered young activists from civil society, traditional leaders and spiritual leaders of the Roma under the CDAR’s umbrella. The purpose of our political platform is to join Roma communities in a political construction of scale, which would be able to enter the Parliament after the 2012 elections”, said Mr. Marian Daragiu, the president of the new party.

The new party has already branches active in most Romanian counties. In addition to Roma NGOs, which have formed the basis of this project, the new political party has managed to attract in its camp Christian Roma organizations, and even a political party. “Our priorities are education for children and young people, jobs for those in power and decent living conditions for all Roma families. Our weapons of political struggle are pragmatic dialogue in negotiating solutions to the problems. We will never support radical or extremist forms of expression, and we will not accept such manifestations in our address.

The correct understanding and integration of Roma in society are targets of long-term national interest, aimed at helping Romania become a nation governed by solidarity, prosperity and unity”, said Mr. David Mark, the secretary general of the new party.

“CDAR will actively participate in the 2012 local and parliamentary elections with candidates from our lists. We will give Roma representatives the opportunity to run, to elect and be elected on CDAR’s lists for the next years. CDAR’s declared objective for the 2012 parliamentary elections is getting 500,000 votes”, said Mr. Florin Georgescu, the executive president of the party.


The first National Congress of CDAR was attended by representatives of other political parties from Romania and by ambassadors of major European countries.