“Look at me (and take me) as I am” – 2011 Roma Women Gala

By • on March 9, 2011

On 7 March, the day before the International Women’s Day, Roma NGOs from Romania decided to organise the 2011 Roma Women’s Gala. The event was held under the slogan “Look at me (and take me) as I am” and its purpose was the promotion of female role models that have improved the lives of Roma communities through their work in various fields. The jury of the Gala has chosen several areas of activity and nominated Roma women from various regions of the country for each area. The most coveted awards were those for Education.

After a long deliberation, the jury of the Gala has decided to award: Mrs. Petronia Scripcariu as the best school inspector, Mrs. Rodica Batrana as the best Romani language teacher, Mrs. Florica Alecu as the best elementary school teacher and Mrs. Elena Radu as the best school mediator. Another much disputed category was “Health”. The winners were: Mrs. Daniela Vaduva as the best health care worker, and Mrs. Ioana Constantin as the best health mediator. The winners in the other areas were: Mrs. Florentina Ibiceanu for Economy, Mrs. Maria Ionescu for Entrepreneurship, Mrs. Mariea Ionescu for Community Development, Mrs. Judit Varga for Police work, Mrs. Luiza Miron for Legal work, Mrs. Viorica Gotu for Political participation, Mrs. Ana Raducanu for Public participation and Mrs. Vera Linguraru for Culture. Mr. George Lacatus, president of the Roma Journalists Association, gave the Mass-Media award to Miss Loredana Dumitru. Other awards were offered by Romanian public figures to Mr. Asztalos Csaba Ferenc, president of the National Council for Combating Discrimination, Mr. Ilie Dinca, president of the National Agency for Roma, Mr. Catalin Manea, general assistant of the Roma Pro-Europe Party, Mr. Daniel Radulescu, president of the Roma Center for Health Policy – SASTIPEN. A special award was given by the organizers to Mrs. Paulina Vasile, a Roma Holocaust survivor.

The hosts of the 2011 Roma Women’s Gala were Mr. Gelu Duminica, president of the Community Development Agency “Together”, and Mr. Costel Bercus, Chair of the Board of the Roma Education Fund. The singer Stefania Calonfir, the pianist Antonio Santos, the soprano Claudiana Calin Rotaru and the Roma band “Romano Butiq” performed at the gala. The organizers of the 2011 Roma Women’s Gala were the Community Development Agency “Together”, the Center for Education and Social Development-CESR and the Association for Development and Social Inclusion – ADSI, with the support of the Department for Interethnic Relations of the Romanian Government. The sponsors of the event were: NIRO Group, AIDROM and KCMC.