In Bucharest, a flash mob against discrimination

By • on November 11, 2011

Last Saturday, in downtown Bucharest, two young Roma women were harassed by a group of young men. Out of the blue, the group of young people started an argument. When the boys become more insistent, the girls asked their friends for help. All of a sudden, the girls began to dance around the boys, to the tune of a famous Roma song.

After a few seconds, the boys responded, and started to dance in return. In just a few minutes, they formed two camps, one of girls, other of boys and both began to duel through dance. The two sides soon found sympathizers: for the girls camp, Roma, Romanians and even Chinese, while the boys were able to draw on their side the Romanians and even an African-American youth. The dance duel lasted for about four minutes, after which young people instantly dispersed.

This flash mob dance was organized by the Roma non-governmental association “Romani CRISS”. “The flash mob’s purpose was to convey the message “Say NO to discrimination “. What we want to convey through dance, and with the help of young people, is simple: regardless of ethnicity, color, occupation, sex or age, we are first of all PEOPLE”, says Ms. Margareta Matache, the executive director of the “Romani CRISS” organization, in an interview for

Other participants in the flash mob included Roma actors (Doinita Oancea, Madalin Mandin), Romanian actors (Carmen Tanase, Ionut Ghenu, Andrei Goncz) and young people of all ethnicities and nationalities who wished to join in. The event took place under the guidance of the choreographer Ioana Macarie and of the assistant choreographer Mircea Ghinea.