Eggs influence anti-Roma moods in the Czech Republic

By • on April 2, 2012

It may seem ridiculous but it is like that. The production of eggs has declined from the beginning of this year in the Czech Republic. Poultry farmers are forced to meet stricter EU regulations on improving basic standards for raising hens. The new measure has already cost farmers millions and thus the price of eggs has plummeted in recent weeks. There suddenly are not enough eggs not only in the Czech Republic but also in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Shelves of eggs that were previously full are now empty, except for the apologies for their absence.

People are agitated. I heard an interview with some famous actress on the radio recently. Somehow the topic of eggs came up. She mentioned how she heard an older man cursing that eggs cost 80 crowns and that he is willing to join even the Fascist if that would help to solve the problem. Desperate people are pinned down by the desperate situation and they are willing to do whatever to get out of the current misery. This situation is a great soil for a thunder of storming extremism – not only in the Czech Republic but in the whole of Europe. And of course, the worsening of living standards influenced by social politics turns against Roma, because they are “that black hole” eating away the state’s money. They do not have the slightest chance to clean their name in these cruel times of economic crises. Roma citizens understand the need of stricter regulations for poultry farmers, but Roma human beings refuse to accept the worsening of living standards.

How much danger can a simple egg hide? A well-known kiddie advert talks about the “smelly egg which nobody wanted. Who has the smelly egg? You! Yucky, yucky!” Roma has the smelly egg, who else! The current situation is their fault, the same as everything else. People are lucky that Roma still exist, at least to be used as scapegoats.