“Colorful but Colorblind” at the “One World Romania” documentary film festival

By • on March 28, 2011

The fourth edition of the Festival “One World Romania”, dedicated to human rights documentary films, took place between 16 and 21 March in Bucharest. A special screening was held last Sunday at the festival. Called “Beyond the stereotypes about Roma”, it presented a selection of five short films, one from each of the countries involved in the project: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

These stories were part of the program “Colorful but Colorblind” that  introduced the viewers to the Roma lifestyles in some of the newest European Union countries, while exploring aspects of the cultural identity of contemporary Roma communities and the obstacles faced by these communities in search of equal treatment. The five “Colorful but Colorblind”  films selected from for the screening were: “No jobs because we are Roma” – from Bulgaria, “Advocating education” – from Czech Republic, “They call her Aunty Rozi” – from Hungary, “Halfway there” – from Slovakia and “Afraid to say I’m Roma” – from Romania. After the screening of the five documentaries, a discussion about the topics covered was moderated by the festival director, Mr. Alexandru Solomon, and the Roma journalist George Lacatus, one of the developers of the reports from Romania.

At the end of the day, the documentary film “The Corlat Valley” was presented. It provides an insight into the daily life of some 600 Roma who settled illegally on the bank of a river separating two Romanian counties. This documentary was made by Stephane Lucon, a French director, and enjoyed great success with the public. Another popular documentary was the short film “Romanes”. This film is the result of a larger project: a movie more than four hours long, in which the members of a young Roma camp on the outskirts of Rome answered questions about their daily lives and their wishes.