Charges fly over Skopje mall company’s purported anti-Roma memo

By • on March 25, 2013

A row has erupted over a memo in which the managers of a Skopje mall purportedly ordered that Roma employees be fired from the food court, Balkan Insight reports.

A representative of the Land Service cleaning company said the firm received a missive from the management of Skopje City Mall stating, “By 20.01.2013 at the latest, we expect the removal of all employees of Roma nationality from the food court due to many reasons that we previously discussed.”

The controversy spurred a protest at the mall last week and calls for a boycott if the memo is determined to be authentic. Mall officials maintain Land Service concocted the memo in retaliation for losing a cleaning contract at the shopping center and say they are considering a libel suit.

Skopje City Mall at Night. Photo from mall Facebook page.


Shuto Orizari, widely reputed the world’s largest majority-Roma town, lies a few miles north of Skopje. The most recent Macedonian census counted about 54,000 Roma in the country, but more realistic estimates place the figure closer to 135,000, or 6.8 percent of the population.