Breaking down stereotypes of Roma in Moldova

By • on November 14, 2012

Too often the world is divided into US vs THEM. This film ”Ca Toţi Oamenii” (“Just Like Everyone”) is meant to tear down these walls and to show that the stereotypes and misconceptions about Roma in Moldova are not true.

The film “Just Like Everyone” is a chance to meet five Moldovans of Roma ethnicity. It is a chance to listen to their life stories in their own words.

It is a chance to hear about their successes and challenges, their passions and their fears. It’s a chance to see that stereotypes rarely match a person’s true identity.

The people shown in this film are just like everyone else: They love their family, they are proud of their country and the want to lead a happy and fulfilling life just like everyone else.

Most importantly, these are not exceptions. These are examples, and their stories reflect those of thousands of Roma in Moldova.

When you look beyond the small differences that divide people–like skin color and clothes–you’ll see that these things are really not that significant. It’s the things we have in common that we should focus on.

When you look beyond the small differences, you’ll see the real individual underneath—the one who’s like you and me, the one who’s just like everyone else.